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Give thanks to Allah for all the blessings we’ve received as a family on the first day of Ramadhan. After endless hardships and bundles of barriers, we finally get to move in after what feels like forever of waiting. May Allah bless our life, make our current home our heaven in this worldly life and one which will bring us endless rezeki. Amin Amin ya   Rabbal Alamin.



I’m currently in my special semester of my 2nd year in law school here in Brunei. So now comes the time where I’m gonna start my mooting challenges. This is gonna be a hard time for me, I tell you. I don’t really have that much confidence in me to be a public speaker, let alone presenting a present case and practicing my legal skills with THE NEED to impress and convince the judges. We haven’t even started on doing any mooting yet. In fact we just started our first class today but Prof Mohaimin’s introduction on mooting and how it works already scared the shit out of me.

He also stated that we need to have an excellent English speaking skills. Sincerely saying, I am not really that good in speaking in English with people, esp when I’m nervous attempting to impress those people with whom I’m talking to. These judges, are more than just a group of people I’m trying to impress. My grades are depending on how convinced and impressed they’d be by my arguments and presentations in the mooting court. I can barely even convince my mom and impress any of my friends in class, how am I supposed to impress these respected judges??

I’m aware of the fact that I shouldn’t be worried about this. I got this, at least now I think I am. In shaa Allah, I’ll get through this. I really have to put in much work, doing legal research and what not so I could nail the mooting this semester. With hard work, I believe I can achieve better.

First Blog Post

So, here it goes. My first blog post ever, so pardon me if it doesn’t sound as interesting as it looks.

The main reason why I made this blog is to create memories of my struggle as a regular student and a young adult who’s trying to make everyday a better day. In hopes that these memories I’ll be writing will probably be worth the read to look back into a few years after. My inspiration first of all to write a blog is Vivy Yusof. For those who don’t know her (which is impossible cause she’s literally a good starter of a conversation between women nowadays) is this young entrepreneur who made a huge success out of her FV and dUck. Her life is what every girls out there dreamed of, not to mention her marriage life with his loving husband and two of her ever beautiful children.

Honestly, I really wanna be like her when I grow up, just being an inspiration to those girls out there, exclude all those possibilities of being a successful entrepreneur cause doing a business is really not my thing haha! To put everything out, this blog post of Vivy’s is the starter of me writing this blog. Inspiring, isn’t it? Told you.

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You can read more about it here.