Everything Happens For A Reason.

We’ve been through a lot in Ramadan this year, just like every other year. I guess this is what we get as a test from Allah every year. It’s just in a matter of how we handle things, I guess. However though, I just think this year’s the most hardest. We prayed, we tried and nothing seems to change. We’re just so close to losing it but really. We can’t really give up that easily, we just need to keep having faith and in shaa Allah, I know good things will come sooner or later. I know and I believe that Allah will never put us into a situation that we can’t handle. Plus, I know for sure that we will get what we prayed for, it’s just in a matter of time, cause Allah knows better. He won’t give us what we want in a wrong time. Perhaps, if we get what we want rn, something bad will happen and for some reason, it is not good for us for the time being. He will surely give us what we want at exactly the right time. In shaa Allah. So for now, with just days left for Raya, all we could do is just keep praying, tawakkal and wait for the miracle we’ve been waiting for to come. It’ll be soon enough, I know it. 


p/s today marks the 27th of Ramadan, the 28th night of Ramadan. In just 2 or 3 days, we’ll be celebrating Raya. HAPPY EID MUBARAK 1438H!!!


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