180 Seconds by Jessica Park


3 stars!!

Okay, so first of all. when I first acknowledge this book, I thought it’d be a good read as I saw tons of positive reviews, even from favorite reviewers of mine who never failed to recommend really good books. first half of this book, I thought.. “hmmm okay. not bad but this wasn’t what I expected, I assume it’ll be better later” and when I got to half of the book, I find this pretty cheesy for its own good.

I mean I love the fact that Allison doesn’t appear to be like the typical heroine I usually come across, but I find her rather annoying for some reason. Especially the part where she had a breakdown and got to thinking how someone could only have ONE person in life that she could love. I mean who does that?? It totally doesn’t add up. This is merely my opinion and I’m pretty sure anyone who reads this might think I’m crazy and all for saying this. But hey, this is a book review and I gotta say what I sincerely think about this book.

I just don’t like the idea of her getting all angry and losing it just by the mere fact of knowing Esben had been in contact with Steffi behind her back. Well it’s not like they flirted each other and go all crazy with each other. Well alright, it does make sense that she felt betrayed but really, I don’t think it could have reached to the extent where she’d call things off with a super nice guy like Esben, right? She’d known him to be this most compassionate and most genuine guy she knows and surely, she could cut him some slack? Plus, wouldn’t the fact that Steffi attempted to know how Allison was doing by getting updates from Esben be a good thing and flattering on part of Allison? At the very least though, on the last days of Steffi’s when Allison couldn’t get in touch with her, Steffi knew how well she’s doing and kept updated with Allison’s life through Asben. And she should be very grateful for that instead of getting all upset and frustrated over the whole thing.

HOWEVER THOUGH, this book’s not all bad and THERE IS totally a lot of good things about this book!

“Hi, everyone,” he says nervously. “My name is Simon, and, uh . . . what makes me happy is . . .” He reaches for a piece of paper and holds it up.
Allison, it says.
“My daughter, Allison. I waited a long time for her to come into my life, and it was worth it. She,” he says, swallowing hard, “she lights up my life.”
He sets down the paper and stops the video.”

Simon. One of the most reasons I love this book. I love the idea of it having a loving father despite him being a foster father. He has all the characteristics of a loving father and he’s the father that any daughter could ask for. He spoils Allison with gifts and most of all, he always makes sure that Allison knows just how much he loves her as his daughter.

“Esben stands directly in front of Christian. “It’s not your winter formal, but we have music, we have twinkle lights, and I’m in a suit. I would be honored to be your first dance.”

“Just say that you love me. Please. Because I am so goddamn in love with you that I can hardly breathe when we’re apart. I know I said it when I was drunk, and I shouldn’t have, even though I meant it. But I’m telling you now that I love you.”

Esben is practically the most compassionate and the most generous person anyone could have ever know if he is in fact a legit person in reality. He loves Allison with all his heart and he had fallen in love with her in those 180 Seconds they had on the social experiment. He is literally an angel in disguise as he used his popularity to save people, to make people happy and just basically to make the world a better place. He has such a clean heart, I don’t think I will ever let him go if he is to be mine. HAHA

“The only thing that matters right now is that I love you. And that you trust that I am strong. It’s time for you to trust that, okay? Steffi, you are my heart, and I will always love you. To the goodnight moon and back. Always and forever.”

“When she found out that no one had ever read me Goodnight Moon, she read it to me every night for weeks. It didn’t matter that I was way too old for that book, because Steffi knew that someone should read it to me.”

I love everything about their friendship. I yearn for a friendship like this, though I’m sure I have the greatest best friend in the world, I wouldn’t trade her for anyone else cause she has always been there for me, no questions asked when I really need a shoulder to cry on. We’ve been through everything together, needless to say. Allison and Steffi’s friendship made me all teary cause it is just so beautiful! Allison’s trip and attempts on getting to Steffi is technically the most heart warming and touching moments I have ever read in a book.

Despite all those criticisms about this book, overall, the good things just outnumbered the bad things and because of that I surely recommended this book. It is totally not overrated, it totally deserves all those compliments. In fact, Jessica Park deserves all the stars in the sky for this book. I surely will consider on reading her other books, next time.

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